What is your district’s cost of entry?

“Cost of entry” is a term we use in marketing to identify those things that a business “must” do in order to compete. For instance, a full-service bank must offer certain types of checking and savings accounts before someone will consider opening an account with them; and a cell phone company must have extensive service coverage to make them a competitive option.

The cost of entry philosophy applies to public school districts as well, especially in a time when it’s easy for your community to see what surrounding districts are offering. You likely have had the situation where a community member has banged on your door, asking why you can’t provide that wonderful program that the neighboring district is offering (and that you may already be offering – but that’s a discussion for directing your conversation).

Understanding what your local school districts are offering – and just as importantly, how they’re communicating this – will help you ensure you are sharing information your community needs to have confidence you are providing the education their children need to succeed.