Website content is crucial

There are lots of good school website development companies out there, where you can get a beautifully-designed site at a very reasonable cost. Yet, after all the work of getting the site launched, and it looking absolutely great, you may find it is still not providing the value you truly need.

There are two aspects to a website: the design, which school website companies have down pat; and the content, which they leave to you.

It’s not enough to have a nice-looking website; it’s just as – if not more – important that the website has the content your community needs and wants, and that this content is intuitive to find. This process is completely separate from getting the design launched.

There are certain “best practices” for website content that ensure a school district is providing the basic information needed to be seen as an “expert” in the education field. These areas should be developed into full descriptions to showcase the personality and commitment of the district. From curriculum to reports, content provides a well-rounded view of the school district that demonstrates the district’s expertise and provides reassurance to site visitors.

This also goes a long way to showing the community you are transparent and to ensuring you are directing your conversation.