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We’ll just let our clients do the talking …

becky sexton, assistant superintendent for Support services, bullitt county public school district

“SchoolComm Consultants helped us develop an outreach program that immediately led to significantly increased engagement with our community. Through a regular e-newsletter for the district and our high schools; social media support; and a video that communicates the district’s commitment to our students, staff, and families, we have seen a very favorable response from our stakeholders. And all this is done at a cost lower than what it would take if we executed these services in-house.”

– Becky Sexton, Assistant Superintendent for Support Services, Bullitt County Public Schools

Tim Williams, Superintendent, Logan Elm School District

“Can effectively evaluate a District’s communication plan and work with leadership to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of the District. The approach is unique as they first gain an understanding of the community prior to working on a plan to improve communications with the district’s constituents. The work ethic and diverse background makes Andrea one of the premier individuals in the school communications field.”

Cyndi Brill, associate superintendent, switzerland of ohio local school district

“SchoolComm Consultants have helped our relationship with our community in so many ways. The email newsletters they write for us achieve open and click rates multiple times higher than the average for K-12 districts. They were also extremely helpful during COVID, turning our re-opening plans into infographics and documents that were easily understandable for our community.”

Josh Kauffman, Former Principal, Indian Hill Middle School

“I frequently trusted Andrea with creating, editing, and publishing key communications for our stakeholders. Her ability to shift her writing and publications based upon a targeted audience is exceptional. She has a great understanding of how to deliver a message to a targeted audience that will be received in the manner desired. Additionally, Andrea’s eye for detail is beyond comparison. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Andrea on several branding projects, and her work in the educational sector is enhanced by her previous work in the private sector, merging perspectives from two very different industries to produce deliverables of the highest quality.”

Trey Fausnaugh, Former Treasurer, Logan Elm School District

“I appreciate the knowledge and professionalism, but more importantly I appreciated how invested they were with our district. This was evident by interactions with district personnel and willingness to help on all communication projects. I would highly recommend if you’re looking to improve communications.”

All this, and at a
reasonable cost!

As community members (and a board member) in our own districts, we understand the pressures on budgets and the need to secure expertise while spending responsibly.

Our services come at a very reasonable cost, one that allows you to develop the relationships and community you desire, without raising the eyebrows of your local fiscal hawks.

Depending on your needs, we can develop a custom group of services, or you can choose to use one of our packages to save even more.