SchoolComm creates meaningful content that supports community engagement and offers solutions to support your district’s Vision, Mission, and Goals.

BUILD YOUR relationshIPs

Support comes from trust, trust comes from relationships, and relationships come from communication. We’re here to help you build that support you need.

Free your staff

It’s time to free up your staff. We will handle your district’s communications, so your staff can focus on your students – the important part. 

How it’s Done

Utilize Our Expertise

We understand that every school district is unique. Step one is evaluating your district’s individual needs: Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

Articulating a clear understanding of your needs and goals is key to developing a strong plan to meet your objectives. That plan will likely include a variety of options at a reasonable price: Message development, research, media and community relations, and more.


A Team Of Professionals

“SchoolComm Consultants can effectively evaluate a District’s communication plan and work with leadership to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses the needs of the District. Their approach, work ethic and diverse background make them one of the premier companies in the school communications field.”

– Tim Williams, Superintendent, Logan Elm School District

Meet Your Goals

What We Do Best


The best way to understand what your community wants is to ask them. We do this through a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. The results will help inform our direction.

Develop YOur Plan

Do you currently have a plan, or are you relying on what you’ve always done to reach your community? We will help you determine what’s working, what’s not, and what will.

Create Your Messaging

One of the most valuable ways to improve relationships is to make it clear who you are and why that’s important. We’ll help first create, then communicate your message. 

Strong Media & Relations

Working with the local media is key to getting your message out to the broader community. We will help you determine the best ways to get that message out. We’re also there to help when crisis hits.

Launch Your Plan

Let’s get moving! To free up your staff, we can execute the communications plan for you to ensure you maintain ongoing, clear communication to your community. We’re ready to help!

Support Ballot Issues

While it’s the committee’s job to explain why people should vote for your issue, it’s the district’s responsibility to provide all possible information about the needs behind the issue. 

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