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trust, support, community, success

Support comes from TRUST. Trust comes from RELATIONSHIPS.
Relationships come from COMMUNICATION.

It’s that simple. And it’s where we come in.

Create Conversations

How are you serving your community in your own unique way? What is YOUR message? We’ll work with you to communicate your unique and memorable message to make you a more successful school district.

Build Relationships

As an integral part of a local community, how do you strengthen your relationships to ensure you have the trust and support you want and need? We’ll help you develop those relationships consistently and effectively!

Free Your Staff

When you hire teachers, or principals, or other staff members, you look for expertise. So why not with your communications? We use our expertise to free your staff so they can focus on their expertise.

Creating Conversations

Creating your own conversation is necessary so others – the community, the media, random people on social media – don’t do it for you. Your conversation also communicates your district’s own uniqueness and allows you to separate yourself from the pack.

As we work with you to identify your specific and memorable message, we will look at a competitive matrix
that examines the cost of entry – what messages must you be including to be considered a successful school district? – along with that special overlay that makes your school district exclusively yours.

Building Relationships

As a public school district, it’s crucial to strengthen and deepen your relationships to ensure you have
a two-way exchange with your local community.

A solid relationship with your parents, community members, and business leaders ensures you have their
trust and support at all times: whether you are changing curriculum, discussing the state report card,
or asking for their checkmark on a ballot.

Freeing Your Staff

When you hire staff members, you look for expertise that applies to the job – whether that be the best classroom methods, insights into new curriculum options, or technology that will enhance student learning.

You’ve hired your staff for these specific reasons: so why dilute their efforts by asking them
to add communications to their plates?

Instead, treat your communications as you would any other function: hire professionals who can provide your district with effective messages and methods. This also frees your staff to focus on what they do best
(and we certainly know they can use every extra minute they can get!)

Best of all, you’ll not only be focusing your staff’s time (and thus your money) on their own core competencies, but our services are extremely affordable. You’ll be getting higher-quality work while still being fiscally responsible with your funds.

Invested With Our District

“I appreciate the knowledge and professionalism, but more importantly I appreciated how invested they were with our district. This was evident by interactions with district personnel and willingness to help on all communication projects. I would highly recommend if you’re looking to improve communications.”

Trey Fausnaugh | Treasurer (former), Logan Elm School District

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