Case Study: Organization implements method systems and sees huge spike in success

Your systems will determine your success

We recently worked with an organization (not a public school district) that was having trouble with its method systems. It had lots of mechanism systems in place, but the employees were not using those in any type method systems to meet client needs. 

As we evaluated the situation, we realized the organization needed a simple outline of how and when to contact clients, as well as some basic guidance on what to communicate in each of those contact times. We developed a series of method systems that outlines various direct contacts and other communication processes – including drafts of portions of emails that can be customized at different contact points – that staff can easily follow. 

By implementing these basic method systems, staff can follow the steps with consistency and assurance that they are meeting client needs and not reinventing the wheel each time they reach out. Based on feedback, client satisfaction has increased, and staff is able to complete these basic communication tasks in less time and with more confidence.