Treat your community as a friend

Relationships are a two-way street. If we are going to be in accord with our spouse/significant other, our friends, our co-workers – it takes mutual trust, which comes from ongoing, open communication.

We know this is true in our personal lives; so why would it be any different with our communities?

It’s not; and if a school districts wants that strong relationship with its community, it has to treat that community – your parents, private school families, those without children, business owners – as a significant other or a best friend. 

And just as with a friend, communication is the first place to start. Clear, honest, regular communication helps people understand each other. By ensuring you as a district are getting your information out, in a variety of ways, you start to build that trust. 

In fact, if a district is sharing honest, relevant information on a regular basis, it’s almost impossible not to build trust. This doesn’t mean that everyone will always agree with you – but they will not be questioning your veracity or your commitment to your community.