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The right content is crucial to creating a living, breathing, valuable website

What does your website say?

Have you ever visited a website and your initial thought is, “This looks GREAT!” but then you can’t find anything you need?

If so, then you know exactly where we’re coming from.

There are lots of good school website companies out there. They will create a site for you that looks great – but that’s where they stop. You are responsible for everything that goes on that website … which not only takes expertise in navigation and copywriting, but it’s darn time-consuming, too!

We will ensure your website sounds – and functions – as good as it looks. Using a combination of best practices melded with your district’s unique needs, we will develop navigation that makes sense and provides what people need; and we will create copy that is clear, concise, and represents your district.

We can also provide ongoing maintenance for your website: updating as needed, cleaning up typos, in general keeping it ship-shape.

If you are looking for a new school website development partner, we have one of those, too – a company that creates custom designs with top-notch security at less than traditional school website companies. Just ask us – we’ll connect you 👍🏽

Here are a few samples of websites we have worked on with clients:

Full sites:

* Switzerland of Ohio School District
* Swiss Hills Adult Education (homepage shown below)


* Madison Local Schools

Swiss Hills Adult Education Website Homepage

All this, and at a
reasonable cost!

As community members (and a board member) in our own districts, we understand the pressures on budgets and the need to secure expertise while spending responsibly.

Our services come at a very reasonable cost, one that allows you to develop the relationships and community you desire, without raising the eyebrows of your local fiscal hawks.

Depending on your needs, we can develop a custom group of services, or you can choose to use one of our packages to save even more.