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Use social media to reach your stakeholders and build your image

Is your community social?

We are always influenced by our younger generation, and let’s face it: they are social media. In this ever-evolving world, having an online presence is a requirement to reach many in your community. 

Yet it’s easy to put social media on the back burner – or not use it to its potential. Your responsibility is focusing on your students’ education – which is why we can put our social media experience to work on your behalf. Some of our social media services include: 

  • Regular postings ranging from important updates to fun things happening in the classroom. 
  • An active pursuit of building a larger follower base among your stakeholders. 
  • Consistent analysis of when your followers interact the most with your page and what posts they interact with the most. This allows us to better your posts’ performance and ensure the community is seeing not only what they want to see, but what you need them to see. 
  • An open line of communication from the community to the district, where questions will be answered by us, on behalf of you and the district. 

We might be doing the postings, but you have the final approval. We will always work with you on your district’s vision, attitudes, and the tone you want to establish with your community.

All this, and at a
reasonable cost!

As community members (and a board member) in our own districts, we understand the pressures on budgets and the need to secure expertise while spending responsibly.

Our services come at a very reasonable cost, one that allows you to develop the relationships and community you desire, without raising the eyebrows of your local fiscal hawks.

Depending on your needs, we can develop a custom group of services, or you can choose to use one of our packages to save even more.