what's your ballot issue about?

levy info


You’re responsible for providing complete & accurate information


People vote for what they believe in

If your community does not understand your ballot issue, why should they support it? They need enough information – accurate, detailed information – to be able to make an informed judgement.

This is not the responsibility of your levy committee – just the opposite! It’s your job to provide the details and the facts behind your ask; it’s their job to turn that information into a campaign.

A district is not permitted to campaign, no question – but providing factual information to explain why you need additional funds, whether this be for operating or building, is not campaigning.

When does the community need this information? All the time! In the public school world, you should *always* consider yourself providing information that will explain why you need additional funds … because most districts in states that rely heavily on funding from the taxpayers will be back on the ballot, sooner or later.

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