creating a relationship

community engagement


Provide your stakeholders with the information they need to engage

Relationships come from communication

“Community engagement” is what we call those programs designed to build that relationship with your stakeholders that leads to trust and, ultimately, support.

The possibilities here are endless, and the specific tactics will depend on your district’s unique needs. There are, however, a few options that have proven effective time and again.

For all of these options (and any others!), we provide all copy, design, and management to bring your project to life.

* e-Newsletters: e-newsletters allow you to open a communication pathway between the district and the community. Whether they are produced for the district as a whole or for individual schools, these are a great way to highlight your successes and communicate important information. They are also a way to assess what type of information your community wants from you by evaluating specific engagement levels. These are also a great way to engage all stakeholders as even non-parents can easily sign up to receive them. An example of an e-newsletter is below.

* Printed Newsletters and Postcards: Since not everyone is online, it’s important to reach people the old-fashioned way as well: through the mail. Printed newsletters and postcards are tried and true ways for school districts to get the word out.

* Brochures/Flyers/District Profiles: Sometimes you just need a tri-fold … perhaps for the district as a whole (yes, it’s a good idea to have a professionally-produced District Profile piece), or for a special career program or a unique offering.  

* Social Media: Of course, social media is a given; that’s why it has its own section.

* The sky’s the limit: As part of the planning process, we will identify the most appropriate and cost-effective ways to reach your stakeholders and achieve your communications goals. And as mentioned above, we will manage the project from planning through execution to evaluation, so you don’t have to take up your valuable time.

All this, and at a
reasonable cost!

As community members (and a board member) in our own districts, we understand the pressures on budgets and the need to secure expertise while spending responsibly.

Our services come at a very reasonable cost, one that allows you to develop the relationships and community you desire, without raising the eyebrows of your local fiscal hawks.

Depending on your needs, we can develop a custom group of services, or you can choose to use one of our packages to save even more.